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World Map Wall Decoration
Ready-made blocks. Quick installation, optimal size!
Get to know the world
Immerse yourself in travel with this ecological world map. The map has an original fixation system which allows set it to the wall nice and easy.
Luxury wall decoration
This original wall decoration is 130 x 78 cm will accent the design of any room and will make any interior more exciting. The ability to repaint the world map makes it even more unique.
100% ECO materials
All of the materials included in this product 100% ecological. We have certificate of materials
Visualize your trip
You can place photos on our wood wall decoration, which is made using extremely accurate laser cutting. A great way to preserve your travel memories.
Get motivated to travel.
You mark places you've want to be in future travel on the 3D world art map with MiMi Tags the set includes a label holder so that they are available.
Best gift for traveler
Giving this special and detailed inspirational wall decor with beautiful gift wrapping is an original gift for any traveler.
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World Map Wall Decoration Exclusive
From valuable species of natural wood.
A gift that will attract attention!
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Big map Wall Decoration GIANT
For big wall - 2,80х1,70 = 4,76 m2
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Explore the World
World Map True Puzzle allows you to take a fresh look at geography and makes discovering the world an exciting activity.
World Map True Puzzle
Unique puzzle with pieces in shapes of scale models of real countries and their provinces
Stylish decoration for your home or office
  • Feel the world
    All the details have the form of real countries and provinces. Gather the whole world and study geography better
  • Stick on the wall
    It comes with glue and everything you need to paste the resulting map on the wall
  • Tag countries
    There are 48 original tags for your favorite countries and cities in the package. Create your personal travel map!
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World Map Wall Decoration
World Map True Puzzle
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About Us
400 stores in 20 countries sell MiMi products
Below you can see some stores that sell our products worlwide.
Each year sales are gorwing per 200%.
Czech Republick
The Netherlands
History of creation of MiMi Studio
Design Studio MiMi was founded in 2014 in Samara (Russia). The main idea was the production of unusual things which bring people aesthetic pleasure and usefulness. In the first development were 18 different products: leather, wood, plexiglas, etc. At the fairs it became clear that the best-selling product was the key holder "Happy Family", it was sold out in the first 4 hours of sales. They were the first mass product of the MiMi brand.
Today, there are options of key holders for couples, families with one child and families with two children.

For 2.5 years we have sold more than 20 000 items of key holders worldwide.
The first export
Key holders has been selling well, but the low cost was a limiting factor, because we had to sell a very large quantity to have sufficient profit. When we have worked with almost all major sellers of unusual gifts in Russia, it was decided to offer our products for export.

Our managers sent out more than 1000 commercial offers for various wholesale companies around the world that were found on the Internet. As a result, we had received several responses. Then there was a long process of coordinating samples, trial lots and export details of exports. We had to completely revise the price list. It was necessary to take into account the expensive delivery, import taxes and margin of distributors. Nevertheless, sales of key holders were good enough and we received the first orders. The fall off in the ruble exchange rate, at that time, was a good help for increasing exports.
MiMi products were sold well, by the end of 2015 they could be bought already in 11 countries.
Sales have increased, but for a real breakthrough we needed a product that we could be proud of. And we began to look for it.

Our attention was attracted by wall stickers. The most popular ones were the world maps. But we have noticed a number of disadvantages:
low quality, thin material, which looked awful on uneven walls, inconvenience of sticking it on the wall. We set ourselves the goal of developing a world map that would be the best on the market. Our desire was to make the maximum detailing and make the map from the material which looks equally great on different types of walls. As a result, we cut it out of a 3 mm HDF (high density fiberboard). But we were faced with the fact that it was very difficult to find the right packaging, because the continents were very large. We decided to cut the continents by countries and we were surprised how exciting it was to collect them together. We realized that we had developed something new: a stylish decoration for the wall + a fascinating puzzle. For the finalization of the idea, we spent 8 months and 3 times our samples were returned with the mark "finalize". As a result, in 2016 we presented the WORLD MAP TRUE PUZZLE to the world.
Wall Decoration
Almost from the first days our World Map True Puzzle began to beat all records of sales. People bought it as an unusual gift, like a new type of puzzle, and most importantly, as a stylish decoration for home and office. Some companies engaged in international business ordered 200 pieces to present maps to their employees and partners.

However, we found out that many people did not want to collect a puzzle but just wanted a "Stylish Map on the wall." Therefore, we decided to make an another option. As a result, we removed all the elements necessary to collect the puzzle and concentrated on a simple and convenient process of glueing a new map onto the wall. We also liked the idea of making new special tags for discovered countries, which can not only mark countries, but also fix photos from travels directly to the map.

In the end, after 4 months of development, we presented WORLD MAP WALL DECORATION, in which we invested all the best we had learned in 3 years. Due to optimization, Wall Decoration became much cheaper than True Puzzle, which made the product popular.
MiMi products are on sale in 20 countries. Sales are growing by 200% every year. 2-4 new products are added to our range in a year. There is an active expansion of the market in the US, for example, on Amazon. The company launches its own retail sales network in the Russian Federation.

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